Homework 1

due: 2022-02-11

While you are free to talk with your classmates and ask me / others questions on slack, you are expected to do your own work for these assignments.

  1. In class we showed how to clone the repo https://github.com/phy504-sbu/test-repo, make a fork, and push to our fork, and then do a pull-request to ask for your changes to be made to the original repo.

    Add a file of the form username.txt containing your name (replacing username with your Github username) to your fork and issue a pull request for it to be merged into the main repo.

    Note: you might have done this during class time – if so, you are done.

    You don’t need to turn anything in for this – I’ll see the pull-request if you were successful and you will get credit.

  2. Create a git repo called hello_C in your github profile and add a hello.cpp with the following content:

    #include <iostream>
    int main() {
        std::cout << "Hello, World!" << std::endl;

    and commit this to your repo.

    Now add a second commit, with a .gitignore telling git to ignore an executable named hello.

    Push this all back to your github repo. Your repo should show 2 commits with descriptive git log messages.

    For your solution, simply give me the URL of your repo.