C++ Textbook

We are using the text Introduction to Programming with C++ for Engineers by Boguslaw Cyganek.

The companion website is here: https://home.agh.edu.pl/~cyganek/BookCpp.htm

And the code examples are all available on github: https://github.com/BogCyg/BookCpp

We will follow the text relatively closely. I will note the reading for each section on our course pages, and present a summary of the core ideas, but I will not repeat all the content that is in the text, so reading is important. We will instead look at examples in class to learn how to apply the ideas.

One thing to note: the author suggests that this text can be used for 3 semesters of C++, so we will likely only get through 1/3rd of it. But that will cover the major features, with the remaining chapters diving deeper into details.

Some websites to help understand the concepts we will encounter include:

One thing to keep in mind: C++ is evolving. New standards are released every 3 years, so some examples you find online might be “old” compared to the new language features C++ now offers.